For admission details at APN CBSE School, please find the following information:

  1. Admission Criteria: Admission to APN CBSE School is based on merit, with consideration given to academic performance, extracurricular achievements, and character assessment.

  2. Age Criteria: The age criteria for admission vary depending on the grade level. Please refer to the specific age requirements for each grade level as per the school’s admission policy.

  3. Application Process: To apply for admission, parents/guardians are required to complete the admission application form, which can be obtained from the school office or downloaded from the school website.

  4. Documents Required: The following documents are typically required for admission:

    • Completed admission application form
    • Birth certificate (original and photocopy)
    • Passport-sized photographs of the student
    • Previous academic records/report cards (if applicable)
    • Transfer certificate (if applicable)
    • Immunization records
    • Any other documents specified by the school
  5. Admission Test/Interview: Depending on the grade level and availability of seats, students may be required to undergo an admission test and/or interview to assess their academic readiness and suitability for admission.

  6. Fee Structure: Details regarding tuition fees, admission fees, and any other applicable charges will be provided upon request or can be found on the school website.

  7. Admission Schedule: The school typically announces its admission schedule, including application submission deadlines, admission test dates (if applicable), and notification dates for admission results. This information is communicated through the school website, notice boards, and other official channels.

  8. Contact Information: For further inquiries or assistance regarding admissions, parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the school office during office hours or visit the school website for contact details and online inquiries.

Please note that admission procedures and requirements may vary from year to year, so it is advisable to directly contact the school administration or visit the school website for the most up-to-date information on admissions at APN CBSE School.